it all started like this...

Oniria's roots stem from the beautiful traditions of the Iannini-Salas family spanning several generations. From a young age, the children were encouraged to join their parents in the kitchen and experience the joy of cooking for loved ones.

Diamela, the mother, a Doctor with a hunger for culture and knowledge, and Gennaro, the father, a Chef with an insatiable curiosity and passion for flavors, shared a common love for creating beautiful experiences through food, drinks, and heartfelt conversations.

Today, Blas and Gennaro are at the heart and soul of Oniria. Blas carries on his parents' legacy by cultivating a warm and welcoming community at Oniria. With his innovative ideas and a dedication to maintaining the high standards set by his parents, Blas brings an infectious passion that is evident in every aspect of the restaurant.

What is Oniria?

Oniria is a place where dreams come true, inspired by the final stage of the REM phase of sleep, known as the "Oniric phase" where dreams occur. We bring our passion for flavors and experiences to life and share it with everyone who walks through our doors to enjoy our food and company at the table.

At Oniria, we pride ourselves on our specialty in Spanish cuisine, offering a menu that features traditional dishes with a modern twist, as well as innovative creations. With each dish prepared with soul and using high-quality ingredients, we are committed to delivering a truly unique dining experience for our guests. We use only the finest, high-quality ingredients and prepare them in small portions to encourage sharing and exploration of our diverse menu.